The L. Stanley James Award

Call for Nominations

 Nominations are currently being accepted for the L. Stanley James Award, which is traditionally awarded at the Annual New York State Perinatal (NYSPA) Conference.  The following criteria will be used when evaluating nominees:

  • Recipient must have sustained history of unique and exceptional contributions to the field of maternal and child health.
  • Recipient’s contributions to maternal and child health may include, but are not limited to the areas of scientific medical
    research, clinical care, legislative initiative and/or patient advocacy.
  • Recipient must display the personal attributes of the late L. Stanley James which endeared him to those with whom he
    worked and to those for whom he cared.  These attributes include his unwavering tenacity, insightfulness, creativity,
    humility and history of self-sacrifice.
  • Recipient’s professional status will not be a factor in determining the award.
  • Recipient need not be, in past or at present, a NYSPA member, Board Member or officer.
  • Recipient’s contributions must have had a significant impact upon maternal and child health within the State of New York.

The L. Stanley James Award is awarded no more than once each calendar year; it need not be awarded annually unless a qualified candidate can be identified. Any NYSPA member may nominate a candidate. The nomination must be received on or before May 24, 2019.  Please send the nominee’s curricula vitae and short narrative, addressing each of the points noted above, to the NYSPA Office.  The nomination may be mailed or emailed to the NYSPA office. The email address is

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