Thank you for visiting the New York State Perinatal Association (NYSPA) website. NYSPA does not intend to provide specific medical advice, but instead with information to better understand maternal-child health. NYSPA urges you to consult with your health care provider/counselor for proper care and to answer your personal medical questions.

Please note: The NYSPA regional designations differ slightly from the current NYS Department of Health designations. The following is a link to the NYSDOH: http://hospitals.nyhealth.gov/index.php

Disclaimer on Endorsement

In keeping with the mission of NPA, the NYSPA board and its membership does not endorse products and services; however, the Board is willing to provide expertise to: (1) Consult on the development of health care policies and practices which affect mothers, infants, young children as well as their caretakers and health care providers (2) Review proposals for programs and policies intended to benefit mothers, infants and young children as well as their caretakers and health care providers (3) Review requests for endorsements of educational periodicals and position statements from other professional, service and volunteer organizations (4) Review and consider support for positions, amicus briefs, etc. on public policy issues.

NYSPA strives to ensure that in all cases its review considers the mission of NYSPA, respects the broad make-up of its members, and upholds strict ethical standards. The idea and polices of NYSPA are not necessarily those of individual members. The board and its members do not receive monetary or commercial support for their work with NYSPA.

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